How to make Cream Cheese Custard Toast | 5-minute Healthy Breakfast Ideas | Viral TikTok Custard Toast Recipe Remake

This is a remake of the yogurt custard toast recipe. Which is one of my most popular recipes on the Cute Cuisine blog. The idea for making a cream cheese custard toast came from a youtube comment under my yogurt custard toast recipe video. Someone asked me if the custard toast tastes like cheesecake or something and this inspired me to try the custard toast with cream cheese.

Delicious Hungarian Apple Pie Recipe | Easy Dessert Idea

My grandma used to bake this apple pie at least once a month. Now I understand why. This delicious easy dessert is full of delicious apple filling and full of flavors. I made two versions in one bake. I made one with traditional topping and one with crispy oat topping. Both versions were wonderful.

Quick and Easy Healthy Breakfast Idea | Healthy Savory Breakfast Muffins Ideal for Meal Prep

Here is an easy, quick healthy breakfast recipe that is ideal for meal prep. Easy to prepare, and will definitely make a great choice for a good start to the day. Sometimes I don’t feel like making anything for breakfast, I just want to grab something and eat it. I wanted that something to be healthy so I made these breakfast muffins for breakfast. The day after you made them you can reheat them in the microwave or in a toaster, and they are almost like when they were fresh out of the oven.

Easy, High Protein Snack Idea | Chocolate Covered Quark Balls

This easy high protein snack idea is my new favorite. Sweet, a bit tangy, absolutely delicious. If you don’t have access to quark, you can make this from cottage cheese. It makes a delicious high-protein snack. Pop it in the fridge and you will have a great, sweet snack for days.