How to make Baked Brie Bites | Easy Brie Puff Pastry Bites | Appetizer Idea

Baked brie, brie bites, brie puff pastry bites, or baked brie bites were very trending for weeks on TikTok. There are numerous variations of baked brie bites. You can make them with different jam flavors like cranberry, blueberry, apricot, mixed berry, fig, or if you don’t like jams you can use honey instead…whatever you like. You can leave the brie glaze the top with jam and wrap it in puff pastry.

Easy, High Protein Snack Idea | Chocolate Covered Quark Balls

This easy high protein snack idea is my new favorite. Sweet, a bit tangy, absolutely delicious. If you don’t have access to quark, you can make this from cottage cheese. It makes a delicious high-protein snack. Pop it in the fridge and you will have a great, sweet snack for days.

How to make quark cheese at home

Quark or curd (Hungarian: túró) is a popular fresh dairy product in the Eastern parts of Europe, in Germany, and some other parts of the world. “In Germany, quark and cottage cheese are considered to be different types of fresh cheese, and quark is often not considered cheese at all, while in Eastern Europe cottage cheese is usually viewed as a type of quark.”1